Meeting interesting peopleĀ 

Path to excellence is about finding your passion and expressing yourself in a voice that is your own. Meeting interesting people who do that can be a great way to (un) teach children how to do that. But, life of a middle class family is pretty predictable. Most people make safe choices out of fear than love or passion.


The social network around a middle class family is very homogeneous. You encounter a very predictable class of people. So how do your break out of that band and get your kids to meet interesting people?

I think the online world comes to the rescue here. I recommend the following shows that give us a peak into the world of interesting people. You can watch them and introspect on the takeaways from the stories. I always ask them to synthesize back the human thinking behind the stories. Why did he/she do what they did. The struggles. The choices.

Emphasize the choices and what it takes to live with those.

  1. Chef’s Table on Netflix
  2. Abstract on Netflix
  3. Love of Physics – Lectures for kids by Walter Lewin