Start unfocused 

I often try to carve out a time for my kids to learn and for me to teach on the weekend. I go in all excited and focused.

I am often faced with a lot of ‘avoiding’  techniques.Looks of distraction/boredom, bouts of silly laughter, hunger pangs, extreme body itching or rubbery spine.

I started getting irritated and pushed for greater focus. How can they not see the plans I am making?? That always lead to bouts of crying or complaining.

I then tried a very different tack. Go with the flow. Crack a joke  or two. Defuse the situation.  Then slowly nudge the conversation towards the current topic. Tell stories. Arouse curiosity. Create a sense of intrigue.

Let them ease into it. Don’t force  it. Kids don’t turn on immediately. The insight was to let them be. Let them be playful. That’s what kids do. Play.

Let’s start unfocused. Focus follows curiosity and fun for kids. May be for everyone!!


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